Samurai Jack Demongo Pop! and Disney’s Emperor’s New Groove Kronk as Scout Leader Pop! | Source: Funko

If you think San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC)’s Comic-Con@Home event is the only convention you have to look forward to this summer… well, you’ve got it all wrong, because FunKon is just around the corner!

Funko’s three-day, hybrid fan event and seventh virtual convention is sandwiched right after SDCC, happening from Aug. 4-6. Within those three days, FunKon will be hosting a variety of virtual events, giveaways, and games. Most importantly, exclusives will be available every day of the event, though fans will be able to get first-pick on through a lottery system.

Most most importantly, the exclusives are being revealed on a rolling basis! So far, the Funko Pop! stars of this year are Demongo from Samurai Jack, Band Master Nugget from McDonald’s, Blacklight White Rabbit and Walrus and Buddy from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Filibuster Leslie from Parks and Recreation, and Scout Leader Kronk from Disney’s Emperor’s New Groove.

Parks and Recreation Filibuster Leslie Pop! and McDonald’s Band Master Nugget Pop! | Source: Funko

The devilish Demongo Pop! dons his iconic black-and-red cape, holding a mini skeleton head. McDonald’s Band Master Nugget Pop! marches into the lineup with a red top hat and matching golden-arch drum and drumsticks. The Blacklight White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Pop! figure brings some glow-in-the-dark action to the lineup, accompanied by a dapper Walrus and his tiny carpenter buddy. Fans can channel all the early ‘90s fun with Leslie’s rollerskating filibuster moment, or switch it up with Kronk and Bucky’s recreational look.

Marvel Doctor Strange Cosplay Mini Backpack and Disney Tangled Pascal Cosplay Mini Backpack | Source: Loungefly

Loungefly will also be releasing a Marvel Doctor Strange Cosplay Mini Backpack and a Disney Tangled Pascal Cosplay Mini Backpack for the event, with more exclusive announcements soon to come. Its Doctor Strange backpack features the Doctor’s outfit scheme along with the Eye of Agamotto, while its Tangled Pascal backpack pays homage to the scene where Rapunzel dresses up her chameleon companion in a mini princess dress.

Only the Pop! figures will be included in the FunKon lottery raffle. To enter for these exclusives, collectors must have an account on, be a member of the Funko Fan Club, and sign up to receive the Funko Newsletter. Fans should expect to receive an email between July 19-23 asking them to opt-in for the lottery in order to snag these exclusives, which go on sale the first day of FunKon. Funko will send an email on July 28 notifying fans whether they’ve been randomly selected for the lottery. Those who have will then receive yet another email containing a link to the sale and a password to access the sale. To shop the exclusives, winners must login with their Funko Fan Club email address. Only one order per winner is allowed.

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For fans who don’t get selected for the lottery, don’t worry — the exclusives will be available to the public at 6 a.m. PT on Aug. 5 via Funko’s website! The Loungefly exclusives will be available exclusively on all three days of the event.

FunKon 2021 is a virtual convention that fans can follow along and participate in via Funko’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The in-person portion of FunKon — FunKon Goes to Hollywood — is a limited capacity, ticketed event that will take place from 10 a.m – 6 p.m. PT each day of the event, and tickets are currently sold out. To check out the day-by-day FunKon schedule, learn more about the events, and check out what else FunKon has to offer fans, click here.

Funko will continue to debut FunKon exclusives on its Instagram, so be sure to stay tuned!