Source: Funko Games/the Pop Insider

Disney, Funko Pop! figures, and a family-friendly card game? Yes, please!

Funko Games — which has a whole new slate of pop culture-inspired board games hitting shelves this year — has a new line of card games that any Disney lover will want to add to their collection.

Something Wild! is a series of card games that each come with a miniature Pop! figure that is part of the gameplay. In the game, players use numbered and colored cards to make sets and runs. Score a set to get the included character figure’s special power, which will help you win! The rules are easy enough for players ages 6 and up, but adult Disney fans will enjoy the game (and its quick, 15-minute gameplay) too.

The game has six Disney themes to choose from: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Villains, The Little Mermaid, Mickey and Friends, Toy Story, and Aladdin.


Source: Funko Games

Plus, it gets even cooler! Similar to the FunkoVerse strategy games, fans can combine multiple Something Wild! decks to add more character cards, Pop! figures, and powers to the game. Each deck costs only $7.97, which means you can definitely snag more than one without breaking your budget.

All six versions are available for preorder now from Amazon, with an expected shipping date of Aug. 15.