The Goonies: Never Say Die | Source: Funko Games

With summer coming up, it’s time to brave the warm weather with a classic adventure. Or, if you hate nature, it’s a great time to enjoy a board game. Grab your gang and be ready to face it all, because Funko Games has announced a new story-driven, strategy board game inspired by an ‘80s classic: The Goonies.

In The Goonies: Never Say Die, players pick their favorite member of the Goonies (Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, Data, or Sloth) and run through different storylines, strategically traversing with up to four other players as you attempt to gather treasure and save the home of the Goonies! Each character has special stats and sayings, so players can collaborate and work as a team. Data, for example, can set clever contraptions just like he does in the film. You’ll face rats and skeletons as you enter the caves, but something worse is creeping around, thanks to the player who chooses the epic title of the Goondocks Master!

The Goonies: Never Say Die | Source: Funko Games/the Pop Insider

The Goondocks Master is one player who controls the whole adventure, choosing one of nine stories and commanding fearsome foes such as the Fratellis or One-Eyed Willie. Players can win as a group or triumph as an individual — The choice is yours.

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Each board will come with eight miniature sculptures of beloved characters, including Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, Data, Sloth, the Giant Octopus, the Fratellis, and One-Eyed Willie. The dice are also modeled after the pirate gems in the film. The game promises fans an immersive experience full of details inspired by the beloved movie. Each round of The Goonies: Never Say Die is about 50 minutes long, so buckle in and enjoy some fun with friends.

The game is available to preorder from Target today for $34.99 and will be on shelves early this summer. Order now and be one of the first people to play one of the summer’s most nostalgic games!