Source: Funko

With Father’s Day almost here, what better way to celebrate than Star Wars iconic father-and-son duo in T-shirt form?

Funko has released The Empire Strikes Back Boxed Tee, featuring a bright, sketched rendition of the moment when Luke finds out Darth Vader was closer to him than he thought. Of course, if you don’t want to imply that your dad is a member of the Sith, you can always buy the T-shirt for yourself.

It arrives in an exclusive 40th-anniversary box with Darth Vader artistically drawn on all sides. It acts as the perfect reminder that we all get the most famous quote from the series wrong with “No, I’m your father,” written in a comic-book style speech bubble.

Many of the sizes are already sold out, so use whatever Jedi mind tricks you can to secure yours from Walmart for $14.88 (or just click this link quickly). The tee will ship on July 2 for all Star Wars-related fashion needs.