Agatha Harkness and The Vision Funko Pop! figures | Source: Funko/the Pop Insider

If you aren’t caught up on WandaVision yet, now would be a good time to leave this post and go watch episode 8.

But apparently, the spoiler-free period has officially ended, because Funko dropped two new Pop! figures this morning, both inspired by the (very emotional!) episode, “Previously On,” which premiered on Friday.

The two new figures are a floating Agatha Harkness — complete with an orb of purple energy/power in her palm — and an all-white The Vision, who we saw for only a brief-but-terrifying moment in the mid-credits scene of “Previously On” and who will, no doubt, play a major role in this week’s season finale.

Glow-in-the-Dark version of The Vision | Source: Funko

There is a glow-in-the-dark variant of The Vision, too, which will be available only at Walmart. The other two figures are available to preorder now from Entertainment Earth and other major retailers, with expected ship dates later this year.

They join other WandaVision Funko Pop! figures, including Wanda and Vision styles from the different decades, “Pietro,” the twins in their Halloween costumes, and Monica Rambaeu.