Source: Funko Games/the Pop Insider

Fans have been asking and Funko Games has been listening.

Funkoverse players have been dreaming of a Marvel version since the tabletop strategy game first popped up in 2019, and now it’s finally (almost) here! Funkoverse: Marvel 100 (Four-Pack) and Funkoverse: Marvel 101 (Expansion) will both arrive on July 1.

The Marvel 100 version features 3-inch figures of Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther. Players can use each character’s unique abilities — including Iron Man’s repulsor blast and Captain America’s shield throw — to make it through new game modes, such as Scrimmage and Seige. Players can also explore the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier or Shuri’s laboratory in Wakanda.

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Marvel 101 may sound like an elective you wish you could have taken (and aced) in college, but it’s actually a Funkoverse expansion pack featuring one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Thanos, in 3-inch form. This game includes a brand-new scenario in which players race to gather all six Infinity Stones.

Thanos can be combined with *any* of the existing Funkoverse strategy games, including the four-packs and the two-packs. So, yes, this does mean you can have Sophia from Golden Girls and Bellatrix LeStrange team up with the Titan to wreak the oddest havoc in the universe.

At last, there’s no shortage of fandoms in the Funkoverse. Fans can find characters from Space Jam: A New Legacy, DC Comics, Rick and Morty, Jurrasic Park, and more. Read our review of the original Funkoverse sets here to learn more about the game and find links to preorder the Marvel sets below!