Source: G-Shock

The new Dragon Ball Z watch from G-Shock is the ultimate way to wear your anime-heart on your sleeve.

Featuring a bright orange design, the limited-edition accessory is a bold addition to any anime fan’s outfit. The watch features illustrations and graphic elements from Dragon Ball Z, with an emphasis on Son Goku’s training and personal growth. A four-star ball motif in the 9-position symbolizes the seven dragon balls.

The Dragon Ball Z logo is circumscribed on the watch’s case to keep the collectible safe and stylish when not in use. The watch features standard G-Shock technology, including water resistance up to 200 meters, world time, and a calendar that goes up to the year 2099.

Fans can find the watch for $250 with orders starting on Aug. 22. Until then, they can just head here and stare at it until the time is up.