Many people call Game of Thrones the biggest TV show in history, and the HBO series certainly has the Guinness World Records to prove it.

Thrones has been breaking records since it went on the air back in 2011, and yesterday it added a ninth world record to its repertoire. According to Parrot Analytics, the show’s final season premiere was the most in-demand TV premiere of all time.

Between the HBO cable channel, HBO GO, and HBO NOW, 17.4 million people watched the episode within 24 hours of it airing. Not only did this break records at HBO, but it also came out to 25.46 demand expressions per capita — a fancy data way to measure how engaged fans are with a show — which was enough to break the World Record.

According to Guinness World Records, this “exceeded the global premiere demand of every other TV series, including the season-seven premiere [of GoT], for any season across all platforms and markets under measurement.”

In case you’re wondering, the show also holds the following records:

  • Largest TV drama simulcast (number of countries): 173
  • Most Emmy Awards for a drama series: 38
  • Most Emmy Awards for a fictional series: 38
  • Most Emmy Awards won by a TV series in a season: 12
  • Most in-demand TV show based on a book adaptation
  • Most pirated television program
  • Most VES Awards won by a TV series: 16
  • Most viewers sharing a single torrent file simultaneously: 258,131

There may be just three episodes left of this epic series, but I’d bet that the series’ finale just might take its world records list into the double digits.

Photo: HBO