Source: Creation Entertainment

It’s been 10 years since Game of Thrones first aired on HBO and permanently entered the pop culture zeitgeist. It’s also been just over two years since its highly divisive final episode aired, ending a distinct era of television… Well, sort of, because there are multiple Game of Thrones spin-off shows in the works right now, including the upcoming House of the Dragon. 

That’s why Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment has decided to partner with Creation Entertainment to launch a Game of Thrones Official Fan Convention, which will take place at the Rio Convention Center in Las Vegas from Feb. 18-20. This will be the first officially licensed convention for the show.

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While the timing may leave some fans a bit confused, a convention is coming (Haha, get it?) and it sounds like it’ll be packed with content. Fans can expect three full days of programming, including special guests, panel discussions, cosplay and trivia competitions, autograph signings, photo opportunities, and plenty of exclusive merch.

Additional details — including ticket sale information, COVID-19 safety protocols, and a panel schedule — will be available in the coming months. Interested fans can sign up here for the “Raven Newsletter,” which will provide email updates about this fan event.