Source: Asmodee Games/the Pop Insider

There are many forms of the social deduction game known as Werewolf or Mafia, including Asmodee Games’ Werewolves of Millers Hollow, which launched in 2001. Now, to celebrate 20 years of this popular title, Asmodee is casting a wicked spell on the timeless party game and giving it a Disney twist!

The new version, called Gathering of the Wicked, is all about trust and working together to uncover traitors … but that might be impossible to do, as everyone will be playing as a Disney villain, the most untrustworthy people of them all!

In this card game, 6-12 players all secretly choose a role from a selection of fan-favorite Disney characters, including Maleficent, Hades, and Captain Hook. All of the Disney villains and their henchmen begin in a dark realm, where they will compete against each other to see who reigns supreme.

As in Werewolves of Millers Hollow, the gameplay takes place during alternating periods of “day” and “night.” Once the sun sets (in the game, not literally), the villains wake up one by one and use their unique abilities and powers to chase their individual objectives, hidden from their fellow players. Then, during the “day,” it’s time for everyone to get up and debate which villain is the true traitor to the pack. But, there’s a catch: no one knows anyone’s roles. It’s up to you to trust your gut and follow your dastardly instincts to root out the bad apples.

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The Disney-fied twist makes Gathering of the Wicked even more interesting by creating new roles and granting specific powers to each villain. Every character will also have a secret alignment card assigning them an objective, making it even trickier to choose who to trust!

This diabolical game is hitting the shelves in October (the height of spooky season!) so get ready to become a detective, get ghoulish, and — most of all —be wicked.

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