A creative image of the GCDS Bratz doll shot by Chicago-based artist aleia and creative studio Breakfast For Dinner.

ICYMI, Bratz are back. These iconic fashion dolls from the early 2000s are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, which means fans can collect anniversary editions of the dolls, find the girls with a passion for fashion on TikTok, and get special brand collabs featuring the Bratz.

Now, following a recent Revolution Beauty x Bratz makeup collection, there is a Bratz fashion collab on the way with streetwear brand GCDS.

The dolls and some of the fashion items from the GCDS x Bratz collection | Source: GCDS/the Pop Insider

This collection will include two Bratz collector dolls — Sasha and Yasmin — who will be styled as GCDS girls. There will also be a selection of apparel and accessories for human fashionistas to enjoy, including a variety of ready-to-wear pieces with the iconic “Passion for Fashion” catchphrase and others featuring an all-over print of Bratz characters. There are also some accessories in the collection, including a bold pair of Bratz earrings and a heart-shaped purse.

The GCDS x Bratz capsule collection will be available to shop starting on Dec. 1 from gcds.com, in GDCS stores, and in select toy shops worldwide. Also, European fans can stop by pop-up shops in Milan, Rome, and London next month to see fiberglass statues of Bratz dolls wearing GCDS, made by artist Colin Christian.