Photo: IMDb

There’s no doubt that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of the most unique animated movies ever made. Not only does it introduce Miles Morales to the big screen, but it also evokes the feeling of a comic book brought to life.

Now, Sony is giving fans a chance to see how the movie’s multiple universes, many characters, and varied animation styles all came together. The entire script, complete with setting descriptions and character notes, is available to download for free, here.

While it isn’t uncommon for studios to share scripts for their live-action films during awards season, it is rarer for animated movies.

This 131-page script by Phil Lord and Rodney Rotham is particularly interesting and fun to look at, as it often describes the different animation styles the writers pictured for various parts of the storyline.

The script even includes the end-credits scene which *spoiler alert* features the famous 1968 double Spider-Man scene from the animated Spider-Man series.

Spider-Verse has already been nominated for a Golden Globe (Best Motion Picture – Animated) and seven different Annie Awards.

h/t: CartoonBrew