G.I. Joe Classified

The Wave One team for G.I. Joe: Classified. Photo: Hasbro

File this one into the “worst-kept secret” bin.

After months of speculation, the G.I. Joe: Classified figure listed under “Codename: Tarantula” in retail case assortments has officially been revealed to be exactly who you expected it to be: Snake Eyes.

The fan-favorite Cobra-fighting ninja made his Classified debut in a Deluxe Box Set that quickly sold out via Hasbro Pulse this spring. Now, Snake Eyes is officially reporting for duty as part of the Hasbro’s standard lineup of G.I. Joe: Classified figures.

Snake Eyes

Photo: Entertainment Earth/Hasbro

Snake Eyes joins Scarlett, Duke, Roadblock, and Destro in the first wave of super-articulated, 6-inch scale, modern interpretations of characters from the 1980s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero collection. The figures bring the ‘Joe and Cobra teams into a new realm that is on-par with Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Black Series and Marvel Legends collections.

G.I. Joe: Classified will be available at mass retail this summer, and is available for preorder via Hasbro Pulse and online specialty retailers including Entertainment Earth.

The G.I. Joe brand is currently poised for a big comeback with the recent launch of a mobile game,  a feature film — Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins — planned for a fall, and new licensed products from Jazwares and Jada Toys set for release in the months ahead.