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ICYMI, G.I. Joe is back!

With new social media handles, a new website, a mobile app, and a whole Fan First Friday livestream from Hasbro Pulse, it’s a great time to be a G.I. Joe fan. But let’s talk about the merch, because there’s a ton of it!

The reveals started earlier this week with a Cobra Commander figure that is available to preorder today from Hasbro Pulse. Then, Snake Eyes got cuter than ever on a T-shirt from Symbiote Studios.

The most exciting reveal, however, was two replica helmets (pictured above) — a Cobra Commander helmet and a Snake Eyes helmet. They are available to preorder from GameStop for $115 each and are, wait for it, wearable.

During today’s livestream event, the Hasbro Pulse team also revealed a host new action figures from the G.I. Joe: Classified Series that officially launched at retail this week, but first they took time to address an elephant looming in the room — last week’s launch of Cobra Commander via NTWRK.

There was confusion regarding early photos that NTWRK teased featuring a new Cobra Commander done in classic, 1980s deco. With NTWRK having first worked with Hasbro during last year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) for the launch of the Transformers x Ghostbusters Masterpiece collaboration, fans expected that the light blue Cobra Commander was a variant initially intended for this year’s SDCC. Unfortunately, it was a mix-up, but thanks to the enthusiastic response, the “Regal Variant” Cobra Commander will be available to preorder through Hasbro Pulse until July 30.

New Classified Series figures. Source: Hasbro

More figures joining the 6-inch Classified Series include Gung-Ho in an updated design with modern touches. He has a reinforced vest, blaster rifle, grenade launcher, and removable backpack that can hold additional gear. He also includes a removable hat with hair underneath.

The Red Ninja has been reinvented with a new mask design and snakeskin textures and flourishes. His outfit can hold all of his ninja gear – great for troop building.

Arctic Mission Storm Shadow will launch as an Amazon exclusive. The figure includes mission-specific accessories and costume which is something that the ‘Joe team says they expect to do more of as the line continues.

Director Destro figure. Source: Hasbro Pulse

Finally, Profit Director Destro is a big surprise based on a fan-favorite variant — the infamous “Pimp Daddy Destro” (never the official name). Since Destro is rich, they decided to call him “Profit Director” and give the look some backstory. Since Destro will be robbing a casino, he comes complete with burning money and “exudes ridiculousness,” according to the design team.

Fans can shop the new Classified Series figures now from Hasbro Pulse! And if you want to delve even further into what to expect from G.I. Joe this year, check out the full livestream below!

James Zahn contributed reporting to this post.