Cobra H.I.S.S. | Source: Hasbro

From the worst-kept secrets department, the G.I. Joe Retro Series is officially official.

As early as Toy Fair New York — when Hasbro formally announced the 6-inch scale G.I. Joe Classified Series — rumors were swirling that a 3.75-inch retro collection was coming. Some speculated that Hasbro may have enlisted Jazwares (hot off Fortnite) to take the lead on the classic scale, but those rumors were shot down once it was revealed that the company had acquired a ‘Joe license, but for its Domez brand. Then, a series of Walmart leaks all but confirmed the line in recent months.

G.I. Joe Retro Series | Source: Hasbro

Officially debuted during this week’s Hasbro Pulse Fan First Friday, the G.I. Joe Retro Collection is similar to what Hasbro has done with Star Wars The Vintage Collection. This new series includes 3.75-inch scale super-articulated action figures and vehicles that come in vintage-inspired packaging with retro Hasbro branding. Unlike the recent Star Wars Retro Series, these are not a throwback to the true vintage figures with limited articulation and detail. That means no O-rings for the old schoolers in the house.


The first wave includes three figures — Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and the Baroness — and two vehicles. The Cobra H.I.S.S. comes with a Driver while the G.I. Joe A.W.E. Striker includes a Crankcase action figure. The G.I. Joe Retro Collection is available this October, exclusively at Walmart.

Snake Supreme Cobra Commander | Source: Hasbro

Meanwhile, the rapidly expanding G.I. Joe Classified Series has a new addition in Snake Supreme Cobra Commander. The new version of the Cobra leader is the third variant of the character in the collection following the previously revealed standard and Regal editions.

Snake Supreme Cobra Commander features a soft goods cape and premium accessories and comes packed in a box featuring custom artwork by Sana Takeda. The figure will be sold exclusively through Hasbro Pulse.