Beyond the Gates page on | Source: Universal/the Pop Insider

Mattel, Universal, and Target are teaming up for a fearsome, prehistoric merch program. Starting today, Target will offer a Jurassic World-themed shopping page called “Beyond the Gates,” featuring new collectible figures from Mattel.

This collab is also getting the fans involved, with companion content from Jurassic Outpost, a leading fan site for all things Jurassic World. In the third week of each month, the Jurassic Outpost team will release a video as part of a new web series, also called “Beyond the Gates.” Each episode reveals a selection of new Jurassic World figures and features interviews with Mattel team members who helped create them. Then, the featured items from each episode will be available to purchase the same day on Target’s Beyond the Gates page.

The first episode of “Beyond the Gates” is available now, showcasing two new additions to Mattel’s Amber Collection: a Male Velociraptor (as seen in The Lost World) and a Pteranodon (from Jurassic Park III). Both of these figures are available to preorder from Target now, for $29.99 each.

To learn more about this dino-mite (sorry, we had to) partnership, visit the Beyond the Gates shop at or