Godzilla turns 67 today! | Source: Toho International/the Pop Insider

Today, Nov. 3, is all about The King of the Monsters — It’s Godzilla Day!

This year, Toho International is celebrating this iconic kaiju with a variety of new products and events for fans. To start, today kicks off a month-long series of Godzilla screenings at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the country — Learn more about that here!

Godzilla hot sauces and hockey-themed merch | Source: Toho International/the Pop Insider

There is plenty of new merch available, too, to help celebrate Godzilla’s 67th birthday. This includes Godzilla-branded coffee and hot sauce from godzillafoods.com, “Happy Birthday Godzilla” apparel from the official Godzilla Toho shop, hockey-themed Godzilla items from Puck Hcky, and Super7’s Godzilla collection.

The Return of Godzilla soundtrack on vinyl | Source: Mondo

Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse’s affiliated merchandise company, also has a selection of new Godzilla items debuting throughout the day. First up is the next figure in Mondo’s Godzilla Museum collection, a 1:6-scale Gojira (1954) black-and-white figure that will drop at noon ET. Next, at 1 p.m. ET, fans can get their hands on Mondo’s first Godzilla soundtrack release. This vinyl pressing of the The Return of Godzilla soundtrack features a pop-up gatefold design, colored vinyl, and artwork by Henry Abrams. The album will be limited to 2,500 pieces and the Mondo-exclusive retail variant will feature red vinyl.

These Godzilla vs. Hedorah posters are dropping for Godzilla Day! | Source: Mondo/the Pop Insider

But that’s not all of the Mondo releases for today! At 2 p.m. ET, the company will release three screen-printed posters — One Shin Godzilla poster with art by Florian Bertmer and two Godzilla vs. Hedorah posters with art by Tom Whalen. All three posters are extremely limited, so be ready to shop when they drop! Finally, at 3 p.m. ET, the final Godzilla drop will include two soft vinyl figures, featuring Godzilla ’84 and an oil-slick variant Hedorah.

Fans can learn more about these Mondo releases here and find out the latest Godzilla Day goodness at the official event website!