HBO, SXSW, and the American Red Cross invite you to “Bleed for the Throne” the way your favorite Game of Thrones stars have done over the past seven seasons. But, like, literally. The campaign is part of the series’ #ForTheThrone marketing campaign (you may remember its Super Bowl launch), and encourages fans to give back IRL.

The activation, held from March 7 to 9, invites fans to give blood amid an immersive experience inspired by iconic characters and moments from Game of Thrones. (You don’t have to give blood for the experience, but that is the point, after all.)

As far as intensity goes, Deadline reports that the whole shebang is reminiscent of last year’s SXSW Westworld experience.

Upon entering the experience, fans get a pair of headphones to use as they walk through a Westeros maze. As they make their way through, they’ll hear an audio recap of Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, and Tyrion Lannister’s journeys to the throne. At the end, fans are brought to the Iron Throne to have their names called by a Lady in Red-reminiscent master of ceremonies. After bending the knee, they receive a SXSW-branded “Hand of the King” pin and can go “train for battle” aka chillax in an area full of actors playing GoT characters, such as The Watchers of the Wall, the Unsullied, and the Dothraki, according to Deadline.

Fans who give blood get some exclusive swag and can enter to win a trip to the GoT season eight world premiere.

If you can’t get to SXSW, don’t despair. There are concurrent Bleed for the Throne blood drives happening across the U.S. through March 12. Click here for more info.

H/T Deadline

Photo: HBO