The Grateful Dead Dancing Care Bears Little Playmate cooler | Source: Igloo

Celebrate peace, love, and dancing with Igloo’s latest release: a special-edition Playmate cooler that combines the Care Bears with rock band Grateful Dead.

The artwork featured on the Grateful Dead Dancing Care Bears Little Playmate cooler colorfully blends the two beloved brands, featuring both the Care Bears universe’s hearts and stars and the Grateful Dead album covers’ roses and lightning bolts. 

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The Dancing Care Bear character, prominently showcased on all four panels of the pink Playmate cooler, is the combination of many Care Bear characters into one and is inspired by the Grateful Dead dancing bears and dancing skeletons. This Care Bear’s tummy features a symbol reminiscent of the cover of Grateful Dead’s 1976 live double album, Steal Your Face.

The cooler has a 7-quart capacity, which means it can fit up to nine 12-ounce cans. Fans can snag this nostalgic mashup now on Igloo’s official website.