The Code Red box and contents | Source: Hally/ Disney Pixar/the Pop Insider

Disney fans can celebrate their wild side like Mei Lee in Pixar’s latest release, Turning Red!

Hally, which makes the first-ever ammonia-free foam hair dye, has collaborated with Disney Pixar to release Code Red, a custom bright and vibrant red shade that’s reminiscent of Turning Red’s spunky protagonist’s hair (and fur, when she is a red panda). In addition to being ammonia-free, Code Red is also vegan and washes out in four to six weeks. 

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This hair dye shade comes in packaging that features the movie’s logo and Mei Lee, in both her human and red panda forms.

Turning Red is a coming-of-age story that follows Lee, a Chinese Canadian teenager, as she tries to navigate her home and school life after discovering her ancestors’ mystical connection with red pandas, which “poofs” her into a giant one whenever she gets too excited. Fans can stream this latest Pixar release on Disney+ starting March 11.

The limited-edition Code Red dye is available now on Hally’s website for $25.