The two styles of Energy Blade lights | Source: Toynk/the Pop Insider

After a long wait, Halo Infinite has finally arrived, celebrating 20 years of an iconic video game franchise. And whether you’re waiting for the weekend to jump into this new campaign or have already logged in a dozen hours of gameplay, you’ll certainly appreciate the newest Halo home decor offering from Toynk.

The retailer has two new Energy Sword LED desktop lamps inspired by Halo Infinite. Based on the traditional Sangheili Melee weapon, these lamps stand 14 inches tall and are 1:3-scale replicas. One of the lamps features the original design, while the other offers the Bloodblade variant of the Type-1 Energy Sword, complete with a red LED glow.

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Each of the Energy Sword lamps is powered by USB, which means gamers can plug them directly into an Xbox console or PC to immediately illuminate their fortress game room.

These lamps are both available to order now from Toynk, along with a wide selection of other Halo home goods, collectibles, and accessories — there’s even a Master Chief hooded bathrobe! Check out the full lineup here.