Shops of the Wizarding World Set | Source: Harry Potter Fan Club

This just in from the Wizarding World — there are new pins in the Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collection!

The fan club’s Pin Seeking enamel badges celebrate the realm of Harry Potter, from Hogwarts houses to pets. The newest additions are the Shops of the Wizarding World pins, which include six iconic storefronts of the magical universe. The pins feature Eeylops Owl Emporium, Honeydukes, Madam Malkin’s, Ollivanders, Quality Quidditch Supplies, and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

Each pin is crafted with the unique features of their respective stores, and the details are so intricate that fans may even spot magical products in the windows — including a Quidditch broomstick! This set is available now to Harry Potter Fan Club Gold Members for $64, and will go on sale for general release today for $80.

Niffler Pin | Source: Harry Potter Fan Club

Potter-heads should keep an eye out for a new Pin Seeking member next month, or as we also call it, Magical Mischief month. A tricky little pin will make its way into the collection, and Fantastic Beasts fans will know it when they see it — a niffler! This little creature is adorned in gold accents and shiny gold, red, and green jewels (which it probably nabbed). The niffler pin will be available to Harry Potter Fan Club Gold Members on March 31 for $25.


For fans looking to creatively display the Shops of the Wizarding World, there are magnets are within the walls of each box that can connect multiple sets together to form a cohesive display unit. Fans can also unlock special wizardly treats with the Harry Potter Fan Club app when they scan the Enchanted Key on each pin set. The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Pin seekers must hurry to in order to get their hands on these exclusive sets — they might vanish quicker than you can say “Evanesco!”