Source: Wizarding World/The Pop Insider

Gryffindor. Slytherin. Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw. All the houses are in order and ready to be added to your make-up routine. Ulta Beauty’s new collection of Harry Potter-themed beauty supplies adds a little Lumos to your life. The collection features mysterious bath bombs, bewitching lip balm, house-themed eyeshadow palettes, and more.

I haven’t worn makeup in four months but will that stop me from maxing out my credit card buying all of this? Nope. Dobby is a free elf and so am I.

Right now there are eight items ready to live in a cupboard under your sink. The collection includes four different $16 eyeshadow palettes, each based on a Hogwarts house. Hufflepuff is, of course, an array of golden shades (no bias here); Gryffindor features burgundy, autumnal shades; Slytherin is full of greens; and Ravenclaw has wintery blues.

To put all their lewks together, fans can also find the Deathly Hallows Brush Kit. It features a powder brush, an angled blush brush, a fluffy crease brush, and a smudge brush for $25. I don’t know what any of those words mean but look how pretty they are (in the pic above).

The Bewitching Lip Balm reacts with your skin’s pH to magically bring a satiny-smooth color to your lips. Right now it’s out of stock, but fans can look forward to it again soon. While you’re incessantly refreshing in hopes of it coming back also keep an eye out for more items on the way.

Source: Wizarding World/ The Pop Insider

Wizarding World promises way more items soon, including bath bombs that explode with a mysterious house color when placed in your tub. Don’t want a green bath? Try taking one from Harry and pray you don’t get Slytherin. Lotions will be based on the houses as well, each taking its signature scent from the traits of the house. Nail polish strips based on the fantastic four feature glittery, gold lions, falling feathers, snakeskin, and badgers.

For the ultimate nostalgia, fans can find a set of velvet scrunchies taking on the hues of the houses. Those looking to pop a little more ’90s into their lives can also find a few different types of lip gloss inspired by Hedwig and Professor Sybill Patricia Trelawney.

Source: Wizarding World

If none of the items above are sparkly enough, try the Lumos face and body shimmer. To bring it all together, there’s a Pygmy Puff Jelly Blush, and to *keep* it all together there are four makeup bags with the attributes of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. At the end of the day, fans can take it all off with the quidditch-themed face masks.

Catch the first items online now and the range in-store on July 26.