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The Bumblebee trademark lawsuit between Hasbro and DC Comics has come to a settlement. The disagreement came about when Hasbro sued DC and Warner Bros. last year over a Mattel DC doll based on the DC superhero Bumblebee, a teenage girl with the ability to fly and shrink herself, like a bee. The Mattel doll is part of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. Hasbro’s argument was that consumers might confuse the DC doll with Hasbro’s own Bumblebee, the yellow Autobot from TransformersTerms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Paramount is set to release a Transformers spinoff film, Bumblebee, on Dec. 21, which will no doubt spawn a whole set of toys from Hasbro.

Hasbro introduced Bumblebee in 1983, and obtained a trademark on the Bumblebee name in 2015. DC Comics introduced their Bumblebee in 1977 and started selling an action figure and a LEGO set based on the character in 2015.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

h/t Variety