In Love Is Dead, players try to match with “Boo” cards. | Source: Hasbro

Don’t give up the ghost, date them!

Hasbro has released a new and spooky party game called Love Is Dead for all you ghost-loving singles who don’t want to get ghosted. In this silly, light strategy game, players try to match with dateable “Boos” (adorably drawn ghost characters) by playing matching trait cards.

Every Boo character is inspired by modern dating experiences. Will you try to match with Derek, who is posing with a fish he’s caught (a classic picture choice for dating apps), or Mary, the online influencer? There are 22 different Boos to choose from, so hopefully you’ll find your soulmate! 

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You will have to employ some competitive spirit, though, because other players can go for the same Boo as you, try to sabotage your dates with dealbreaker cards, or even catfish using a boost card. Once a player matches with three Boos, the game ends and everyone counts up how many points they’ve earned to see who wins.

Love Is Dead is designed for 2-5 players and might just be the right addition to your upcoming Halloween party. Get it now at the links below!