Ghostbusters Kenner Classics collectibles | Source: Hasbro

In case you haven’t checked out the Walmart collectibles web page recently, there is a nice, big countdown clock across the top. It’s clicking away the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until a selection of Hasbro Pulse collectibles will become available for preorder at exactly 1 p.m. ET on Monday, March 15.

The drop will feature exclusives from a few of Hasbro’s collectibles lines, as part of the latest “Walmart Collector Con” event — Fans can expect Beast Wars, Ghostbusters, Transformers, and Star Wars offerings in the mix. While the product pages aren’t available to peruse yet, Hasbro has revealed some of the figures fans can prepare to shop for on Monday, and the retro vibes are strong!

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection | Source: Hasbro/The Pop Insider

For the Star Wars Vintage Collection, the exclusive collectibles will include three previously revealed Hasbro Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Lucasfilm First 50 Years 3.75-inch Figures. The available styles will be Paploo, Princess Leia (Endor), and AT-ST Driver, for $12.99 each.

Vintage Beast Wars figures | Source: Hasbro/The Pop Insider

Transformers fans can expect four new figures in the Vintage Beast Wars line, as part of the 25th anniversary of Beast Wars. The lineup includes 5-inch Rattrap and Cheetor figures for $19.99 each and 8.5-inch Optimus Primal and Predacon Megatron figures for $39.99 each. All four figures transform from robot to animal forms and come with various accessories. There will be additional Transformers reveals on Monday, too.


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Finally, Hasbro revealed a line of Ghostbusters Kenner Classics that will be available to preorder on Monday, for those who want to relive the glory days of watching The Real Ghostbusters cartoons on Saturday mornings. To start, there is the Ghostbusters Kenner Classics ECTO-1 ($49.99), with design and deco inspired by Ghostbusters toys from the ’80s. The vehicle features moving wheels, an opening tailgate, and a roof-mounted swivel blaster seat, and it comes with a ghost figure. The collection also includes Ghostbusters Kenner Classics The Real Ghostbusters Ghosts collectibles, available for $14.99 each. Two styles will be available at Walmart on Monday: Bug-Eye and Fearsome Flush (pictured, top). Each ghost figure also features an interactive element.

Set your phone reminders and visit this web page on Monday at 1 p.m. ET to snag these (and more!) exclusives from Hasbro.