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Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky, but that certainly isn’t the case today — at least not for collectors!

Hasbro Pulse hosted a Fan First Friday of epic proportions, with three half-hour livestreams that featured product reveals from Transformers, Star Wars, and Marvel Legends. Here’s a look at the highlights from all three brands.


The biggest Transformers reveal was an addition to the Transformers x Ghostbusters collaboration: a Ghostbusters: Afterlife version of the Ectotron Ecto-1 (pictured, top)! Some of the updates for this version include weathering on the front and a slightly altered equipment rack. It also comes with a clear green Slimer — which doubles as a blast effect when the vehicle is in its bot mode — and a figure of Muncher, a new ghost featured in Afterlife. It is available to preorder now, exclusively at Target.

Source: Hasbro/the Pop Insider

Fans also got a first look at two new Transformers Studio Series figures: a Bumblebee figure inspired by Bumblebee and a Dino figure inspired by Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. Both will be available for preorder from Hasbro Pulse and major retailers later today.

Check out the full Transformers livestream here!

Star Wars

While Hasbro Pulse is saving a lot of its Star Wars reveals for Mando Mondays, the team still presented a few new figures during the Star Wars presentation.

Source: Hasbro Pulse/the Pop Insider

To start, there is a new Zutton figure for the Vintage Collection (pictured, left). For the Black Series, the Hasbro team showed off three new The Clone Wars figures: Asajj Ventress (pictured, right) and Hunter and Crosshair from The Bad Batch. All of these figures will be available to preorder later today from Hasbro Pulse and major retailers.

Check out the full Star Wars livestream here!

Marvel Legends


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The new wave of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Marvel Legends figures has arrived! The collection includes Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy with Spider-Ham (which were both previewed during PulseCon). While these are not the first Marvel Legends versions of Miles and Gwen, these figures feature new heads and details that are much more film-accurate. The new Spiderverse reveals for today were Prowler and Peter B. Parker.

The Hand Ninja and Frog-Man figures round out this wave of figures, which each contain a piece of a Stilt-Man Build-a-Figure. They will all be available to preorder later today (each sold separately).

Source: Hasbro

Another Marvel Legends reveal was a comic book-inspired Infinity Gauntlet Thanos. It comes with a swappable head and three swappable hands.

Finally, the Marvel Legends team previewed all of the X-Men House of X and Powers of X wave figures — except for the Build-a-Figure, which will be revealed at a later time — and the next figure in the Bring on the Bad Guys wave:
A.I.M.’s Scientist Supreme. Check them out in the full Marvel Legends livestream, which is available here!