Source: The Pop Insider/WarnerMedia

Today’s the day — after five long months, Friends is finally streaming again.

Oh, and a ton of other stuff, too, because HBO Max officially launched.

The streaming service vastly expands the content library that was available on HBO Now, adding the Studio Ghibli movies, a few original series, the entire DCEU — including DC Universe original series — and so much more.

But perhaps the biggest piece of news? All eight Harry Potter films are on the platform to stream, despite reports claiming — as recently as yesterday — that Warner Media still didn’t have the streaming rights. While this reveal isn’t quite at the level of the Disney+ Baby Yoda bombshell, it’s still pretty impressive that this magical secret didn’t slip before launch.


The site’s interface is generally similar to what HBO Now offered, with a few new features and a flashier color scheme. Anyone who shares an HBO account with family or friends will be happy to know you can finally create multiple user profiles — up to five in total. There are also new “hubs,” which are basically content libraries. They include HBO, DC, Sesame Workshop, Cartoon Network, Crunchyroll, and Loony Tunes.

One major downside, however (in addition to that $14.99 price tag) is that the app isn’t compatible with Roku or Amazon Fire devices at this time.

To see if you already qualify to upgrade your HBO Now account or get HBO Max for free with your cable subscription, visit this FAQ page.

Happy streaming!