Photo: Casetify

Your grocery list — but make it fashion.

The new Hello Kitty Casetify line will debut with two capsule collections: Signature and Mini Mart. Both collections feature the purr-fection of Hello Kitty in all her glittery glory. Fans will be able to find a variety of accessories for just about any device, and some items are even personalizable.

The Mini Mart collection will be the first to reach your cart on May 22, with a waitlist open now. It brings out the colorful cuteness of grocery stores by featuring classic staples like milk and fruit. The Signature Collection brings the same candy-coated joy with Hello Kitty’s adorable face and whiskers featured on each item. Check out the lineup below!

Photo: Casetify

Phone Cases

I’m literally willing to spend all of my grocery money on the receipt case that features the words “Have a super great day,” on the bottom. It’s fine if I have to eat nothing but rice for a month because Hello Kitty will be there to cheer me up through the hunger pains.

All of the phone cases bring a rainbow of fun, but other standouts I’m willing to go broke for feature Hello Kitty among grocery bags, stickers, and a milk jug.

Photo: Casetify

Laptop Covers

If working in an office was still a thing, these would surely make anyone’s coworkers jealous. The covers feature Hello Kitty hanging out with groceries, her iconic whiskers, and Kitty herself in front of a red scroll of “HELLO KITTY.”

Photo: Casetify

Apple Watch Accessories

There are almost enough Hello Kitty Apple Watch bands to wear a new one every day of the week. Do with that information what you will.

Photo: Casetify

iPad Cases

Is there a better way to meal plan than on a grocery-laden Hello Kitty iPad? I didn’t think so.

Photo: Casetify

AirPod Stickers

If you’re constantly mixing up your AirPods with your other household members, Casetify can help you out, and it’s gonna be cute as hell. Made for each series of AirPods (even the Pros), these metallic sticker cases make sure your accessories are unique *and* adorable.

The stickers have a bit less going on than the rest of the items in the collection, so they’re perfect if you want just a dash of Hello Kitty. The banana sticker is an actual need, but each is so dang cute.

To check out the whole collection and get access to the waitlist (so you can get your hands on the items even sooner) head to Casetify’s website!