Source: Hero Collector

Calling all Star Trek fans and avid model-makers! If finishing a build always leaves you wanting more, Hero Collector has a solution that keeps the thrill of the build going for months. With their new Star Trek build-up, voyagers can construct the iconic USS. Enterprise-D little by little. 

With a subscription, fans will receive easy-to-assemble, color-coded parts each month that click or screw together with simple instructions, ultimately resulting in the famous starship replicated as a 2-foot-long model. 

The model expertly resembles its counterpart, as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation. These impressive features include expert color-matching, working internal lights, phaser strips, and RCS thrusters. Even VFX Producer Dan Curry attested to the quality of the model, saying that it could have been used for some of the shots in The Next Generation. 

Along with building pieces, fans who subscribe will also receive extra features every month, such as exclusive interviews, art, and more extras to add to any Star Trek collection.

Fans can preorder the build-up subscription now, ahead of its launch in February. Preorder today and get the first two model kits for only $4.95 with free shipping! After that, the monthly model kits cost $12.90 each, plus $2.45 for shipping. Or, upgrade for an extra $1 per month and receive a deluxe display base! For more information or to order your own, visit