Some heroes wear capes, and others wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) — these heroes wear both.

A new Instagram video features the alter-egos of some medical professionals who are on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. When these real-life heroes aren’t dressed in PPE, they’re cosplaying as the fictional saviors we all know and love from Marvel, DC, and more.


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“I’m currently in a group chat with a few other cosplayers who are also healthcare workers, and lately we have been sharing our difficult and emotional work experiences during this pandemic with each other,” says the cosplayer behind the video, Maweezy. She says that the video started off as a simple idea inspired by the “pass the brush” meme flooding TikTok. Instead of passing a brush, these healthcare heroes chose something they each had: stethoscopes, charts, and pens.

It took about three weeks of networking to find all of the heroes by day and heroes by night, but Maweezy says it turned out to be so much more than just another challenge. “Through this video, we were able to share that human connection of sharing our experiences on the frontlines,” she says. She continues to say that it is able to “… bring positivity to the situation, as well as bring back our love for cosplay (considering all cons are now canceled and we’ve been working nonstop).”

The video not only features incredibly creative cosplayers, but a few artistic cosplay photographers, who are seen in the video holding up their cameras.

Maweezy also stressed that no PPE was wasted in creating the video. Some clips were shot before entering a patient’s room or while the cosplayer was taking a break, as some hospitals still require healthcare workers to wear the same PPE throughout the day.

The video is an emotional reminder that while most of us are bummed that cons are canceled, and we’re all definitely tired of staying inside, there are heroes out there who just want us “to stay home, stay safe, and stay creative.”

Fans who want to help causes close to these heroes’ hearts should check out these charities:  Feeding America, No Kid Hungry, City Meals, RAICES Texas, All Americans, NAFCON USA, Project Cure, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart, and All Hands and Hearts.

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