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High Noon Game

The unpredictable action of the Wild West is coming to the game table.

High Noon is a miniature combat tactical board game that launched on May 5 on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $84,400 in 30 days. Judging from the enthusiastic response, gamers are eager to enter High Noon’s fictional Wild West world — the game passed its initial goal, raising nearly $100,000 in less than 10 days.

The fast-paced game immerses players into “New America,” a landscape filled with unfinished railroads, red rock deserts, native aboriginal warbands, and gunslinging bandits. Across 12 rounds, players compete to eliminate players and become the “Last Posse Standing” to win.

“We are on a mission to engage people by bringing the thrilling world of the wild west to their tabletops,” says High Noon creator Dwight Cenac II. “The unique aspect in regard to High Noon is the fact that it was developed by our team with the help of fans from all over the world. It’s our goal with our Kickstarter campaign to build a community, test some features of the game, and get feedback from our fan base. By humanizing our production process, we’re increasing our chances for success because fans will be getting the board game experience they asked for.”

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High Noon is designed for expansion with a gameboard comprised of tiles that represent buildings, roads, and other terrain features that can be arranged in any formation, ensuring no two games are ever alike. Players control groups of characters known as “posses” using multiple decks of cards while battling to collect randomly placed crates of loot that can be used to outfit and accessorize each posse.

“This is just the beginning for High Noon and our wild west adventure,” Cenac says. “With the release of our new game, it’s our mission to revitalize game night and bring continuous excitement for our players for years to come.”