Source: HipDot/the Pop Insider

Latest on the list of things you didn’t know you needed? Makeup inspired by hot sauce.

If you live and die by Tapatío, then get ready to add that same spiciness to your makeup routine with a new collection from HipDot Cosmetics.

Available now from and from Ulta (online) early next month, the collection includes four items, which are available individually or in different combined sets.

The items include two eyeshadow palettes, one inspired by El Dorado and the other by La Diabla. They cost $14 each or $26 as a set, and each has six shades with spicy names such as “Hot Spot,” “Caliente,” and “Tap That.” There is also a bright red Tapatío Drip Sponge ($10) that has the Tapatío logo printed on it. Finally, there is a Tapatío Lip Gloss set ($24) that includes five shades that are *infused with pepper* to give an extra spicy touch.

If you love all of these items, you can preorder the limited-edition Tapatío Collector’s Box ($72, pictured above), which comes with all four cosmetics and a mini bottle of Tapatio in a clip-on koozie. The box set originally sold out within 24 hours, but Hipdot is taking additional orders now that are set to ship around the end of December.

Shop the full collection here!