HipDot x Reese’s collection | Source: HipDot

Whether you pronounce it Rees-IS or Rees-EES, there’s no denying that the chocolate/peanut butter combo of this iconic candy brand is unparalleled. And if you love eating Reese’s Cups and Reese’s Pieces, we have some news for you: Now, you can also wear them! Well, sort of. You can wear a sweet new line of makeup inspired by Reese’s candy, thanks to the latest collaboration from HipDot.

Available on digital shelves today, the first-ever Reese’s makeup collection features five items in total. There are two six-shade eyeshadow palettes for $16 each: The Milk Chocolate Palette and White Chocolate Palette. Each features brights and neutrals with matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes. They pair perfectly with the Double-Ended Brush set ($16), which comes with two brushes, each with one orange and one yellow end.

HipDot x Reese’s collection | Source: HipDot

There’s no need to choose between chocolate and peanut butter with the Reese’s Lips Duo ($14) because it comes with two tinted lip balms that are each colored and scented like one of the signature Reese’s ingredients! The shades are appropriately named “Chocolate Lovers” and “Peanut Butter Lovers.”

Finally, if you are a massive Reese’s fan and can’t choose a favorite from this collection, there is Limited-Edition Collectors Bag Set ($74), which comes with the full collection inside a Reese’s-inspired bag.

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The entire collection is covered with Reese’s logos and colors, but the most noteworthy feature is the packaging. Each item comes wrapped inside a plastic bag, which is designed to look like the outer wrapping of Reese’s candy. You have to tear it open, just like you’d tear open a pack of Reese’s cups!

This limited-edition collection is available to shop now from hipdot.com. In the coming days, it will also be available from ulta.com and hersheyland.com. This is the latest licensed collection for HipDot, following collaborations with Peeps, Hello Kitty, Tapatio, and SpongeBob.