Hocus Pocus Witches Cauldron Vinyl Art Figure | Source: Disney

♫Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble!♫

Kidrobot and Disney have concocted a bewitching new collectible just in time for this year’s Halloween premiere of Hocus Pocus 2. For this displayable figure, the Hocus Pocus witches are luring children to their brew…. from inside it!

The 7-inch vinyl art figure features the Sanderson sistersSarah, Mary, and Winifredcooking inside a glow-in-the-dark cauldron. Each witchy sister has her own unique expression and action. Sarah holds her hands up to her ears while grinning, Mary smirks with her hands outstretched, and Winifred shows off her classic red lipstick and toothy grin as she holds her hands up as if performing a spell. Bubbling green brew leaks out the edges towards the fire burning underneath. Fans can also find the beloved black cat companion, Thackery Binx, on the side of the cauldron. 

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Fans can preorder this vinyl art figure now for $89.99. It is expected to ship this fall.