Hot Toys adds a new Doctor Octopus Sixth Scale Figure. | Source: Hot Toys/The Pop Insider

Look. We’re going to have to wait a loooong time for the next Spider-Man movie, so you might as well start your action figure collection in all your free time. And what better way to begin than with Hot Toys’ new Doc Ock figure. 

Just like in Spider-Man: No Way Home, this 1:6-scale version of Alfred Molina as Doc Ock wears a turtleneck, trench coat, and his iconic robot arms. He features a newly developed hand-painted head sculpt, poseable tentacles with articulated claws extending from his back, a pair of goggles, a tentacle spear, and more. 

The Doctor Octopus Sixth Scale Figure. | Source: Hot Toys

The 1:6-Scale Doctor Octopus Figure is the latest addition to Hot Toys’ Marvel Movie Masterpiece collection. He joins a wide selection of other Spider-Man: No Way Home characters including the Green Goblin, Doctor Strange, and Peter Parker.

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But wait. There’s more. 

Fans can also collect a special 1:6-Scale Doctor Octopus Deluxe Version that includes four additional interchangeable nanotech tentacles. This allows hardcore Spider-Man fans to actually recreate the fight scene between Doc Ock and Peter Parker (sold separately). 

The Doctor Octopus Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure. | Source: Hot Toys

Both the Doctor Octopus 1:6-Scale Figure ($330) and the Doctor Octopus Deluxe 1:6-Scale Figure ($360) are now available for preorder on Sideshow. Let the epic battle begin!