Tickets are available now for Hunt A Killer Investigate LIVE. | Source: Hunt A Killer

You may be a true crime junkie, but do you have what it takes to hunt a killer?

Entertainment company Hunt A Killer is making its murder mystery games even more realistic with a foray into live, location-based events, starting with an immersive experience in San Francisco.

The limited-time event will take place at the Stonestown Galleria, a shopping mall in San Francisco, beginning on July 29. Hunt A Killer: Investigate Live will feature two exclusive, never-before-seen cases — Dark Vegas and Gritty Diner — that place players into the role of private detectives as they investigate specially crafted crime scenes, realistic locations, and suspect testimonies.

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In the Dark Vegas experience, players can attempt to solve the murder of an up-and-coming showgirl after she is found dead in her dingy Las Vegas apartment. In the Gritty Diner experience, players need to solve the case of a beloved diner owner who is found dead in his greasy spoon establishment. For both stories, attendees will start off in the police station, then investigate crime scenes at their own pace, examining the official information back at the police station. Players can do their best to conduct their investigation and find out if they solved the case or let a guilty suspect walk free.

Hunt A Killer: Investigate Live will feature an onsite store where new Hunt A Killer merch will be available at retail for the first time, including a Scholastic YA novel titled Perfect Score, a new mystery jigsaw puzzle called Whodonut?, and a new premium box experience called Dead on the Vine. 

UPDATE as of June 28: The Hunt A Killer: Investigate Live events have been postponed to spring of next year due to supply chain issues and other pressures. Ticket holders can request a refund or hold on to their tickets to redeem for future live events. Visit for more information.