Two items from the Hype x E.T. collection. | Source: Hype

Here’s something to phone home about: The UK Streetwear company Hype launched an E.T. collection today.

The collab is inspired by the movie’s ’80s-nostalgia and entwined with modern-day trends. The team at Hype says, “[It’s meant to capture] the strange moment in youth when the world is a place of mysterious possibilities.”

An E.T. Hoodie and bags from Hype. | Source: Hype/ the Pop Insider

The unisex capsule collection features monochrome tones, with orange and gray throughout. Fans can collect apparel including standard, oversized, and layered T-shirts; hoodies; joggers; shorts; jackets; and — if you have money left over — accessories.

Designs feature the iconic ‘phone home’ quote, as well as tie-dye, embroidery, and enlarged graphics inspired by the movie. Everyone’s fave ’80s alien makes an appearance on some of the shirts, while others feature a space theme. The streetwear-inspired clothing also has quality details, such as reflective fabric, waterproof zips, and paracord trims.

Catch the collection in the link below — and watch out for the extraterrestrial twist on the web page (spoiler: It’s an E.T. cursor)!