Source: Igloo/the Pop Insider

Magic mirror on the wall, who makes the coolest coolers of all?

Well, that would be Igloo! The latest pop culture-inspired cooler line from the company is a set of four Disney Villains Playmate coolers, pictured above.

Each of the 7-quart coolers feature a black base with colorful top and side designs inspired by Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Ursula, or Cruella de Vil. They will keep up to 9 cans (or your lunch) cooler than these ladies’ cold, villainous hearts.

The coolers cost $39.99 each and are available to purchase now at!

Source: Igloo

Or, if you’re not feeling like Disney’s dark side is the right cooler aesthetic for you, the company also recently released a Playmate cooler featuring the Friends logo! At 16 quarts, it’s got plenty of room to keep food and drinks for your whole gang. Check it out here for $49.99.