It’s been 10 years since we’ve seen Indiana Jones on the silver screen, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a few more. The fifth film in the series was originally supposed to be completed and in theaters in 2019, and was later pushed back with plans to begin filming in Apri.

But it’s going to take a little bit longer this time around because the script isn’t even complete yet.

Variety reports that the film’s creative team has not yet signed off on a finished script. David Koepp, Jurassic Park screenwriter, took the first pass at the script. Jonathan Kasdan, son of Raiders of the Lost Ark writer Lawrence Kasdan, was recruited to complete a new draft, but a deal has yet to close to officially bring the writer on board.

Two key players in the project have their plates full with projects that may bypass the action series. Director Steven Spielberg is currently in pre-production on a remake of West Side Story, while Harrison Ford is set to be part of the voice cast for Secret Life of Pets 2, but insiders say that both remain committed to completing Indiana Jones.

 Disney has not yet announced a new date.