This James Bond Bear comes dressed to impress. | Source: Steiff

James Bond may be one of the coolest, savviest characters to ever exist in the cultural zeitgeist, but who says he can’t also be a cuddly teddy bear?

Steiff, the company that originally invented the Teddy bear, has launched a limited-edition plush bear inspired by 007 himself. The bear celebrates the 60th anniversary of the first Bond movie, Dr. No, which debuted in 1962. This collectible bear embraces many elements of James Bond’s signature look, wearing a black dinner jacket, a white buttoned shirt, and a black bow tie. The bear also features black mohair legs and a 60th-anniversary logo embroidered on its foot.

The James Bond 60th Anniversary logo comes embroidered on the bear’s foot. | Source: Steiff

There will be just 1,962 of these bears available, and each will come with a numbered certificate of authenticity inside a James Bond-branded box. To further showcase its limited run, each plush Bond bear will have a gold-plated Steiff button in an ear, bearing its individual number.

The collectible bears are set for a June release, but U.S.-based Bond fans can preorder the bear now at