Jazwares UFC Ultimate Series figures | Source: Jazwares

It’s a knockout! Jazwares‘ UFC Ultimate Series is back, this time with new styles of 6.5-inch figures modeled after fan-favorite UFC champions.

The line originally launched last summer with a few styles, offering detailed features such as tattoos, weight class body types, and realistic facial expressions.

This new wave of figures includes Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal, Amanda Nunes, Francis Ngannou, Israel Adesanya, Urijah Faber, and a chase variant.


Each figure has 23 points of articulation and comes with swappable hands and faces and fighter-specific accessories, such as flags and UFC champion belts. Fans can use the figures to recreate iconic fights or stage their own matches for an epic collectibles display.

The full wave of fighter figures is available to preorder now from ringsidecollectibles.com and GameStop. The figures cost $19.99 each or $147.99 for all six (only from Ringside Collectibles). Next month, they will also be available from the UFC Store, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.