Source: Mighty Mojo/the Pop Insider

Remember that one point in this wild year when we were all obsessed with the (also wild) docuseries Tiger King?

Well, now there are four new jigsaw puzzles from Mighty Mojo Toys that will make you relive the memories of watching that Joe Exotic/Carole Baskin drama unfold — or give you something to do as you rewatch the show.

Part of the “Chunky Custard Puzzles” Super Stars Series, these new, 1,000-piece puzzles feature line-drawn illustrations inspired by Joe and his tigers. Each puzzle showcases a different portion of Joe’s personality, with funny names to match: “Spicy Joe,” “Cuddly Joe,” “Gentle Joe,” and “Hot Joe.”

Source: Mighty Mojo/the Pop Insider

Each puzzle box features the tagline “Jigsaws you can’t unsee,” which is the perfect descriptor for these off-the-wall (yet somehow perfect) designs. This is a slight pivot from Mighty Mojo’s first foray into puzzles, which was a licensed line of jigsaws inspired by Valiant’s Bloodshot comics.

The Joe Exotic puzzles measure about 20 by 27 inches when assembled and are available to purchase now on Amazon for $19.99 each.

Whether you’re looking for a holiday gag gift or a funny at-home activity, these puzzles are sure to be a hit this winter.