Mike Cahill, director of Earth and I Origins brings together two of Hollywood’s most popular stars—John Boyega and Letitia Wright—for a very unique love story.

Hold Back the Stars, based on the book by Katie Khan, is about a young couple who embark on a journey to a new world in hopes of starting a new life. But along the way, they get stuck in space and only have 90 minutes worth of oxygen left.

Boyega and Wright are highly relevant in the film industry, especially as of late. They’ve appeared in Star Wars and Black Panther respectively, and are set to appear in future films within the same franchises. Cahill on the other hand, is lesser known. He directed two sci-films in the last decade and is set to direct an episode of Nightflyers.

Hold Back the Stars is currently being shopped around Hollywood, but it is expected to find a distributor soon. The film includes a script by Christy Hall and the backing of the production company 21 laps, most notably of Netflix’ Stranger Things and the film Arrival.

h/t Gizmodo