Whether you were eagerly awaiting Joker or couldn’t stand how many times the character has been redone, there is no denying the global impact of the film. It’s been the highest-grossing R-rated movie for weeks now, according to Box Office Mojo, but this week became the only R-rated film to ever gross $1 billion globally.

The Warner Bros. adaptation of a comic book classic delves into the backstory of the villain we’ve come to love to hate. After initially being apprehensive about Joaquin Phoenix in the role, people are saying his acting is what makes the dark film so thrilling. Sure, Joker has been in films before, but nothing quite like this. According to Forbes, The Dark Knight — with Heath Ledger as the Joker — grossed a little more than $1 billion, but it was rated PG-13. Suicide Squad — with Jared Leto in the role — took in almost $750 million.

Joker is the fourth film in the DC franchise to bring in more than a billion dollars in ticket sales — alongside Aquaman and both of The Dark Knight films. The previous holder of the highest-grossing R-rated film record was Deadpool with $783 million

No matter where you first stood on the film, these numbers can’t lie. Joker is more than just another film about a villain: It’s a global phenomenon.

Photo: Warner Bros.