Miffy college sweatshirt (left) and Miffy white shoulder bag (right) | Source: Just Peachy/the Pop Insider

Miffy, the loveable, white Bunny who has entertained generations of kids with books, a TV series, and even a movie, is ready to bring her sweet style to a whole new medium: your wardrobe! 

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Just Peachy, the online clothing brand, has teamed up with Miffy to release an adorable, nostalgia-fueled collection for young adults. The collection features both Miffy and her friends, Boris and Melanie, and it’s nothing short of ultimate cuteness. 

To start, there are three shirts: a white, women’s T-shirt with a plush Miffy on the front ($35); a women’s blue-and-white-striped T-shirt decorated with Miffy and ducks ($35); and a white, unisex shirt featuring Miffy and Boris ($35). For cooler days, there is also a green college sweatshirt with “Miffy” spelled across the front, and Miffy herself perched on the letters ($60).

If you prefer to carry Miffy with you wherever you go, the collection offers three bags. First is a Miffy Dreamy Tote ($32) that is made of blue-and-white gingham and depicts Miffy and Melanie hugging on a chenille patch. There are also two corduroy shoulder bags ($40 each): a white bag featuring Miffy on a chenille patch and a green bag with an embroidered Miffy and flowers. 

Other accessories in this collab include a blue, woven camera strap decorated with Miffy on a cloud and a moon ($20) and a tan, corduroy and suede hat ($25) that has Boris and mushrooms embroidered on the front and a custom, embossed Boris buckle on the back.

Finally, to show your love for Miffy at home, the collection includes a Just Peachy x Miffy ceramic mug with Miffy and a cake printed on one side and “just peach & miffy” printed on the other, along with cherries ($20). There is also a blue Miffy woven blanket that shows Miffy and Melanie on clouds next to stars and a crescent moon ($65).

You can add Miffy and her friends to your wardrobe (and home) by shopping at justpeachyy.com