Source: Kidrobot

It was written in the stars that we’d get another adorable Hello Kitty collab soon!

Kidrobot is giving the zodiac signs a sweet Sanrio makeover with a new Hello Kitty plush series. Constellation-crazed fans can find Kitty dressed up with each signs’ signature features, from Aries’ ram horns to Virgo’s maiden flowers.

The collection currently includes only five of the twelve zodiacs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Virgo. Each plush stands at 16 inches tall (or 12 inches if seated), with the sign’s respective constellations and glyphs stitched in gold on Kitty’s feet.

Kidrobot Hello Kitty Zodiac Plush Aries Edition | Source: Kidrobot

Fans can truly channel the energy of their astrological sign through their cuddly Sanrio friend. Aries and Taurus — the first of the group to launch — are styled with removable hoods in purple and green, respectively. The Gemini design has two Hello Kitty plush holding a star, and we all know a sweet, sentimental Cancer who would love to add a crabby Kitty to their plushie collection.

In addition to this collection, Kidrobot also carries a healthy variety of other quirky Hello Kitty merch. They’ve got the Sanrio queen dressed up in Kaiju Mechazoar cosplay, as Cup Noodle veggies, in Naruto headbands, and more!

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Each Kitty in the zodiac collection costs $29.99, and the first five plush in this line are available to order or preorder now from Check those daily planetary transits to predict when the rest of the Hello Kitty zodiac plushies will drop!