Kidrobot teams up with Trollify. | Source: Kidrobot

Kidrobot has a whole lineup of new items available for preorder, just in time for the summer. 

First up, Trollify is teaming up with Kidrobot to release a line of plush Trolls that are sure to put a smile on your face. These multicolored plush dolls bring back the craze of the ‘90s and come with brightly colored hair and jeweled belly buttons. Each Phunny plush Troll measures 8 inches tall in a seated position and is made of soft, premium plush materials. Choose from either the Blue Troll, the Pink Troll, or the Peach Troll for $16.99 each, or purchase all three together for $49.99. 

Kidrobot’s Go Elf Yourself comes in Evil Red or Good Green. | Source: Kidrobot/the Pop Insider

Already excited for Christmas? Perfect, because Kidrobot is releasing its Go Elf Yourself figures that bring a little naughty to the niceness of the summer weather. The Kidrobot Holiday “Go Elf Yourself” Dunny measures 3 inches tall and comes in either Evil Red or Good Green for $19.99 each (however, both figures look a little twisted). They come with removable fabric and a killer accessory. 

Kidrobot’s Dungeons & Dragons collection. | Source: Kidrobot/the Pop Insider

And lastly, Kidrobot is partnering with Dungeons & Dragons to release a collection of products that are sure to score +10 for cuteness. First, the company is releasing a 16-inch Tiamat Plush for $42.99, in all its five-headed glory. The heads, as well as the attached wings, are bendable and made from soft, plush materials.

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Kidrobot is also releasing 3-inch collectible Dungeons & Dragons plush charms, in the form of a Demogorgon (paging Stranger Things), Owlbear, Monodrone, and Bulette for $37.99.  

All of the items listed above are currently available for preorder at