Disney and Square Enix, designer of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III video game, are incentivizing fans to spread love on social media with the “Share Your Heart Out” campaign and sweepstakes.

From now through Sunday, anyone who posts a positive message on social media using the hashtags #❤❤❤ and #sweepstakes is entered to win one of five trips inspired by Disney movies.

The prize trips are to an ice hotel in Sweden (Frozen); Athens, Greece (Hercules); the Cayman Islands (Pirates of the Caribbean); the Prendiparte Torre in Bologna, Italy (Tangled); and San Fransisco (Big Hero 6).

The sweepstakes are only open to fans in the U.S. or Canada. For more rules and information about the campaign, click here.

In other Kingdom Hearts III news, the game’s original track “Face My Fears” track is available now in both English and Japanese as part of a “Face My Fears” four-track EP.

Today, Square Enix also released new screenshots from the game, which will be released January 29 and is available for preorder now. Check out some of the new screenshots here:

Photos: Square Enix