Source: Kollectico & Authentic Hendrix/the Pop Insider

The late Jimi Hendrix is one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

I mean, this is the guy who couldn’t even read music, yet was able to expertly play the guitar with his teeth, upside down, and backward live on stage. His eccentrics, sound, and style went on to influence superstars such as David Grohl, David Bowie, Johnny Marr, Freddie Mercury, and the list goes on.

Most importantly, he set fans’ hearts ablaze for years following his performances in the ‘60s … Maybe literally setting his guitar ablaze had something to do with that.

Jimi Hendrix LIVE at Monterey Bobblehead | Source: Kollectico

Hendrix fans can now commemorate the moment at the Monterey Pop Festival where the guitarist set his instrument on fire with a new bobblehead from Kollectico! Yup, the iconic photo of Hendrix with his hands tossed up in the air, staring down at his guitar like he accidentally burned a marshmallow at a campfire instead of his own guitar, is now collectible merch.

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The bobbleheads are hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and officially licensed by Jimi Hendrix. Only 1,967 will be available worldwide, and each Monterey Hendrix collectible comes individually numbered in a full-color collector’s box. From the ruffles on his shirt to his jewelry, and even the accents on his black vest, this bobblehead has Jimi written all over it.

Jimi Hendrix Bobble Buddy | Source: Kollectico

Fans can channel even more of the Hendrix hype with two other limited-edition bobblehead designs. One features Jimi on a black motorcycle and the other — technically a “Bobble Buddy” — depicts a seated Jimi with his white (not-yet-on-fire) guitar, throwing up a peace sign. The Bobble Buddy is designed to perch on any ledge, from a table to a computer monitor. The peace sign design is also available in a regular bobblehead collectible.

The Jimi Hendrix LIVE at Monterey Bobblehead and the Jimi Hendrix on a Motorcycle Bobblehead cost $49.95 each, while the Jimi Hendrix Bobble Buddy and Jimi Hendrix Bobblehead are $24.95 and $44.95, respectively. All four collectibles are available to preorder now at